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What is Bookaby?
Bookaby is a directory of local people who are able to provide various home services.

Everything from gardening to tutoring and handyman jobs.

Bookings are made for a specific task, at a given rate and for a set amount of time such as 1, 2 or 5 hours.

To find someone to do a job start on the home page and find your local area to see who is available.

If you would like to be listed on Bookaby, please contact us.
Who runs Bookaby?
Bookaby is run by Oatlabs, who also run WeekendNotes, and the Toopa Network of parenting websites and social media channels.

Bookaby locals are promoted on these sites (as well as Bookaby.com), reaching over 2 million people a month.
How do I book someone?
Find the person you want to book and click on the green "Book" button.

If the person maintains an availability calendar you'll be able to book straight away, otherwise the person will confirm availability as soon as possible.
How much does it cost to list on Bookaby?
There are two options for listing on Bookaby, and the best one for you depends on your number of bookings. You can switch between them at any time, up to once a month.

Fees cover payment processing, marketing, and admin.

Option 1) Monthly $0. Bookings 15%. Best for those wanting to give Bookaby a try, or with only occasional bookings.

Option 2) Monthly $40. Bookings 5%. Best for those who generate more than 2 bookings each month.

All new accounts are placed on Option 1 until they've successfully completed 3 bookings, after which Option 2 becomes available.
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